Schrock Homes Legacy

For most people, a recession signals a time to cut expenses and save. For Adlai Schrock, it was a time to utilize his natural carpentry skills which led to building a business.

In 1975, when hardly any work was available, Schrock started a construction company. Within two years, he had built 10 to 12 homes, creating the opportunity for both his business, and his reputation for building a good home for the best value, to grow.

"I had a deep desire to work for others," Schrock said. "People drive you."

Today, Schrock Homes has built over 1800 homes and 12 communities. Not only does the company build communities for new homes - condominiums and family style - it also goes the extra mile by offering full-service: developing, building and managing the communities after they are completed.

"The customers we serve are always first, "Schrock said. "We want to make sure they are living in their house psychologically before it's ever built."

Schrock homes are a blend of old-world craftsmanship and modern-day innovation, giving the homebuyer the best of both worlds. After designing, building and landscaping (when the customer chooses), their full-time customer care representative tracks service after the sale. This representative completes a walk-through of the home prior to closing, 30 days after closing and then 11 months later.

"We deliver what we promise," he said.

Part of that promise is making the most of the environment. Schrock Homes recycles water in condominium developments by storing storm water in ponds, which in turn is used for irrigation. Homes are built utilizing natural sun orientation.

"We’re masters at it," Schrock said.

The scope of Schrock's business does not stop at residential construction. Greenfield Landscape Services, an affiliate of Schrock Homes, develops landscaping for homes and provides all the lawn care for condominiums, while also maintaining the lakes and ponds built around the communities.

When residential customers asked Schrock Homes to build their business offices in 2006, he started Schrock Commercial.

Schrock Realty Group was born in 2008. Schrock decided he could further serve past customers who were relocating and needing help selling their existing homes.

The success of these businesses, according to Schrock, is a joint effort.

"We treat our employees like family. They are all very dedicated to our customers... (Dedication) comes from the top down."

To Schrock and his staff, serving their customers well means "listening, paying attention to detail and completing the task. Whether it's a first-time homebuyer or a very large detailed home; whether it's located in one of our communities or off-site built on a tract of land," he said. "One is as important as the other."

That philosophy continues to cultivate business. Word-of-mouth advertising trickles down through families and through the community. "We have built homes for three, sometimes four generations," Schrock said.

"I hear from more and more customers looking to buy homes, they are amazed to see the quality of our homes and feel the dedication. I hear this repeatedly, "Schrock said.

"I hear from more and more customers looking to buy homes, they are amazed to see the quality of our homes and feel the dedication. I hear this repeatedly, "Schrock said.

For more information, contact Schrock Homes at 574.534.2706.